Ryan Hoggan: How To Get Into The World Of Venture Capital

Ryan Hoggan on Venture Capital

The world of Venture Capitalism is very exclusive. It can be hard to break into the field and become successful and popular. There is a lot of competition and no set path that will guarantee success.

However, venture capitalists are some of the most prominent people in the business world. They are also some of the most successful. Venture capitalists are investors who support young companies. They help those companies start and grow by providing money, connections, and other resources.

No matter what path someone takes to becoming a venture capitalist, it will take a lot of hard work and many mistakes. One way to give yourself an edge is to listen to experts like Ryan Hoggan.

Ryan Hoggan is a venture capitalist, real estate investor, entrepreneur, and business executive with many years of experience in the business world. We asked him what advice he’d give young entrepreneurs looking to dive into the world of Venture Capital, and now we’re going to share his key points with you. 

Gain Experience in a Relevant Field

Ryan Hoggan recommends gaining knowledge in media, technology, consulting, investment banking, media, or business start-ups. Statistics seem to agree with him as well since many venture capitalists started their journey in one of these fields.

Working in these fields will give you valuable insight into their systems and processes, which will legitimize you in the eyes of startups and other investors. 

LinkedIn / Social Media Presence

Social media is another way to legitimize yourself to others. Therefore, having a strong presence on social media, especially LinkedIn, is necessary for venture capitalists.

It allows people to quickly discover who you are and figure out whether or not they can trust you with their money and their success. Social media will also help spread your name around and gain a sort of novelty or prestige, encouraging businesses and other entrepreneurs to work with you. 

Gain Expertise in a Popular Tech

Similar to the general experience we talked about earlier, knowing a popular technology inside and out can be a great asset to your advantage. If people feel like they can come to you for consulting and help due to your expertise, then it will be effortless to network and spread your name around.

This will garner you legitimacy and connections, both of which are necessary for venture capitalists. 


Venture Capital is all about investing. Venture capitalists invest in startups and small businesses to help them grow. But, of course, this means you need to know how to invest.

We’re not talking about passive investing that involves putting money in a well-known company guaranteed to grow. Instead, Ryan Hoggan says you have to be able to look at a company’s entire existence and determine whether it can grow.

You need to understand numbers, markets, and systems. If you want to be a venture capitalist, start by acquiring a good investment history. This will also show potential partners that you know what you’re doing. 

Work with a Partner 

A partner is unnecessary, but they can make breaking into the venture capital world a lot easier. But, on the other hand, they can make it a lot more difficult too.

Ryan Hoggan had advice about working with a partner. First, you need to enjoy their company, and you need to trust them.

You will be spending more time with your partner than with your family, and you need to be able to come to financial agreements and compromises. If you can’t, then you’re better off working alone.

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