Popular Niches for YouTube Channels


Selecting a niche can be beneficial for you as a YouTuber as it works as the foundation of any business. To create and deliver the best content, you must know what kind of audience you want to serve. It might seem that being a YouTuber only means that you have to create a video and upload it on YouTube and your work is done. Things are just the opposite and you have to have a proper plan behind your content and videos that you upload. 

So your niche has to be the foremost thing that you should think about when starting your YouTube channel or when you are deciding on creating videos to upload on YouTube. Many factors and things can help you decide on the niche that you would pick up. You can even go to YouTube using high-speed internet for a better experience. I would suggest that you should go for Spectrum Internet services that also offer Spectrum Silver channels for cable TV users and enthusiasts. Your niche should be your passion, there has to be a demand for it and minimum competition as well. Let’s have a look at a few niches that might excite you while starting your YouTube channel: 

Product Reviews

Popular Channels To Follow: Ryan’s World, Unbox Therapy, Marques Brownlee, Vat19 and many others.

Product reviews are followed by people around the world. You can get yourself a gadget, a toy or any daily use items and give your thoughts on it. You can let the audience know about how you got the item or the place that sells it and the price of the item. You can add the overall specs and how it works and the ways it can make your life easy. 

Tech and Gadgets 

Popular Channels To Follow: Marques Brownlee, The Verge, Techquickie,Mrwhosetheboss, Austin Evans and many others.

This is one of my favorite niches to follow on YouTube. You can find hundreds and thousands of technology related content on YouTube that can be very helpful for you if love to get knowledge about the latest gadgets or unboxing videos. These videos can also feature something as subtle as a simple video that shows the whereabouts of a certain cell phone or any other fitness gadget and something that can be as crazy as a crash-test of a cell phone or any other gadget.  


Popular Channels To Follow: Rclbeauty101, Zoella, Huda Beauty, jeffreestar and many others.

Beauty and wellness is one of the most followed niches by people around the world. Beauty bloggers, makeup artists, models, and many other experts of the field present their skills, expertise and beauty product reviews to their fans. They not only let you know different ways to stay beautiful but also help you to know your shades better and get you through the technical stuff that can help you get a new look according to your face, body, the occasion that you want to get a makeover for and many other aspects of skincare and getting a better personality. 

How To’s

Popular Channels To Follow: Household Hacker, eHow, Howcast, Videojug and many others.

People around the world search for many things. Among the most used keywords on Google are “How To”. This has become so popular that it’s one of the most followed niches on YouTube. Different YouTubers upload videos on topics that can cover something as small as getting yourself a perfectly made tie knot and something as big as different ways to make money, use search engines and other technologies to make your business profitable, how to cook the perfect meal for your anniversary, and so forth. 

Final Words

YouTube is flooded with content that covers topics related to food, humor, movies, news and gossip, health and wellness and so much more. You can create something different so that your video or tutorials get more popularity than other YouTubers and their content. For that, you can conduct research and make sure that you go through different popular YouTubers who have millions of subscribers and views.

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