Phone Apps for Car Accidents

“There’s an app for that,” was a popular phrase from Apple starting in 2009 and still rings true today. Whatever your might be looking for, you’re bound to find it on your operating system’s app store. In fact, it’s so true that there are now apps designed to assist people after they’ve been in an accident. Check out these top picks to help you out after a wreck.

Help I Crashed My Car

This Android app connects its user directly to emergency services before offering a checklist of everything a driver should do after an accident. This can be incredibly helpful for the stress and high emotions that often come after a crash.

Even better, the app allows the user to load various pieces of critical information right after downloading it. That includes emergency contacts, vehicle information, insurance information, and more. It comes in handy for the stress of minor fender benders as well as major accidents.

Car Accident Report (iPhone)

This iOS app allows you to snap photos of the scene, syncing them with the Cloud or other devices for later use. Just like Help I Crashed My Car, users can load up all of their emergency and vital information after downloading the app.

Car Accident Report goes one step further with GPS location, allowing emergency services to know your location even if you’re unable to use your phone. This is easily done with simple press of a button or relying on Siri’s voice activation.


Like the other apps on this list, SOSmart allows you to upload everything you need prior to an accident. This one features a nifty panic button, however. Press the button and your emergency contacts are notified while the app calls first responders to the scene.

In the craziest of situations, the app also maps out nearby hospitals and gives you the fastest routes to them. If you ever were in a spot where an ambulance or the police couldn’t get to you, then perhaps you or someone else could use this feature to get help.

AAA Roadside Assistance

AAA has always offered great service, but what’s better than app? Forget fumbling around for your AAA card and use the app’s features to call a roadside specialist, towing services near your location, and even a local mechanic. It’s an all-around handy way to take care of incidents and get the assistance you need.

In Addition to Apps

While all of the above apps are fantastic for assisting drivers after an accident, they only help with the initial aftermath. It’s still in your best interest to hire a car accident attorney to get the compensation you deserve or defend yourself.

Handling the paperwork, incident reports, insurance claims, and more can be a daunting task. This is especially true if a court case is on the horizon after an accident. Make sure you cover the rest of your bases as well to help put this incident behind you and ensure everything works out in your best interest.