Outdoor Ads: Does It Increase Traffic?

Outdoor ads are a great way to bring your business to the forefront of customers and potential customer’s minds. Plastering your company’s newest marketing campaign across your city streets are a sure way to gain traffic, right? The short answer is yes, it will increase traffic to your business. Below are just some of the ways that it increases traffic and how you know it actually is. After all, you do not want to be spending and investing your hard-earned dollars on a marketing strategy that is not working for you. 


Some forms of outdoor advertisements allow you to optimize your traffic and prevent you from spending money on advertising that is not beneficial for you. Examples of these are mainly digital forms like electronic billboards or signs. For example, if your main target audience is teenagers you would not want to be posting advertisements during times that they are at school. You could only have your advertisement showing at opportune times that will actually be seen by your target audience and increase your traffic flow. You can also do this with a location. You can only have your ad placed in certain locations at certain times to reach your audience. This type of customizable advertisement is what will drive your traffic up and keep your costs low. 

Increased Customers

Creating a successful marketing campaign throughout of home advertising will help to solidify your brand and reach customers that you never would have engaged with before. Having your ad on a billboard or in a busy location like public transportation will make your brand very recognizable to the community at large. This does not mean that you are guaranteed to have a large influx of customers from the get-go, but the more that people are exposed to your ad the more likely they will be to become your customer. Also, depending on your business they may be storing your catchy phrase or photo into their brain until it needs to be retrieved in the future. So, while it can be an instant influx of traffic, it could be a slow progression that will pay off in time. 


The great thing about ooh advertising is that it is great conversation piece. “Did you see that billboard on the main highway? It was so funny.” Not only will you get customers from those that directly see your ooh ad, but also you will get referrals from those that share with others about your company. Out of home advertising increases your word of mouth advertising as well, so you are essentially getting twice the marketing. You will definitely see the difference with the placement of a billboard or sign. A smart trick is to also add some sort of engagement piece to your advertisement like a hashtag, promocode, or “mention this sign for a certain percentage off. This will encourage clients to reach out to you and you can directly see the effects of your marketing efforts. 

So, the final verdict is in. Outdoor advertising definitely increases your business traffic. It can be either immediate or increased slowly over time. Any positive interactions that customers have with your company is going to increase your sales. You can even use things like google analytics and location mapping to make sure you see how much your traffic is increasing. You can also use this knowledge to better target your audience and use your dollars wisely to optimize your marketing potential. You can feel confident that making the investment of an outdoor marketing campaign will increase your traffic and leave your business in a better place than before the campaign.