People Counter Tools are Easier With Ombori Grid

Being able to count people is very important, and can help protect your business when it comes to social distancing and occupancy restrictions. With Ombori Grid, you can make sure you have the right help and support for tracking customers as efficiently as possible. Not only is it about protection, but you can more easily make decisions driven by data and analytics, and can also be sure you have enough staff at times when customer demand is highest. Counting people helps your business succeed.

What Are People Counter Tools?

Among the easiest way to use Ombori Grid to track people is through the use of cameras. That way, you can have multiple entrances to the store without worrying about how many people are coming in at each entrance. Having a person trying to keep count can work for only one entrance, but trying to coordinate numbers in real-time through multiple entrances is much more complicated. With the right software suite, though, it’s one less thing you need to worry about, and can be done through automation that can alert you when you’re close to a maximum occupancy count for your business.

Because the count is kept in real-time, it can also display to the customer whether they’re able to come in or they need to wait. During the pandemic, social distancing is very important, and many businesses are operating with reduced occupancy numbers. It’s not just about the pandemic. Even when it’s a distant memory, you’ll still need the Ombori Grid to make sure you aren’t exceeding legal requirements for how many people can be in your building at one time. Your employees need that information, too, so they can help customers to the best of their ability and you can control staffing numbers.

Customers and employees will be safer, but they’ll also have less stress when there aren’t issues with overcrowding. Employees will be better able to help customers get what they need and want, and customers won’t be so frustrated when trying to get quick and efficient help from employees. That provides a better balance for everyone involved. Your business wants to make sure everyone feels comfortable there, and addressing occupancy issues by counting people is among the best ways to do that for the largest number of customers and employees at a time.

How Does Ombori Grid Lead The Pack?

With Ombori Grid, you can have the kind of analytics you need to really see what’s going on with your customer and employee staffing numbers. If there are specific times of day when customers come in in larger numbers, you may need more staff to take better care of them. You may also find that you see patterns in how customers like to shop and what they’re looking for during different times of the day. With that in mind, you can shift some of your employees from one location to another, to meet customer needs. That way, customers get the help they want, and employees are able to reduce their stress levels, too.