Mobile Technology Can Be Meaningful

Josh Nass is a South Dakota based disc jockey with an understanding of the dynamics of how mobile technology is changing and upending certain industries. Mobile technology has many advantages related to it , not the least of which is its accessibility, tenability and the ability to capitalize on the democratization of the media space.

According to Josh Nass, these changes that mobile technologies have created and spurred for so many have led to a change of the old-guard in the disc jockey space. Evidence of this can surely be noticed and on full display, in the radio industry today. Although terrestrial radio clearly continues diminishing in terms of its importance and frankly its existence, there are so many alternate mediums that mobile technology has created for listeners.

These changes that have revolutionized the space have led to changes in the behaviors and methods by which there is a steady consumption of such material and content that the public deems valuable and of interest. Changes in the consumption habits of so many different people from so many different walks of life have surely fed this frenzy, which continues devolving out of control.

The ways in which media is consumed has increasingly changed in recent years. Instead of turning to terrestrial radio for instance, listeners will instead turn on satellite radio or even go on Youtube or other alternative platforms. Others might turn to the podcast world – where audiences continue developing further in terms of their sizes and scopes.

The changes coming to the media industry have not been met with resistance; but the titans of the disc jockey space have been entirely ill-equipped and some might say caught off-guard. This is unfortunate; and something that surely could be changed.