Introducing Relish, the Award Winning Relationship Advice App

Relish, the number one relationship advice app in the Apple App Store, helps couples achieve a happy and successful relationship without having to go to an office for couples’ therapy. Achieve happiness today with your seven-day free trial. Below are some tips on how to achieve and maintain a happy, healthy relationship.

Force Yourself to Do Everything Your Partner Does

We all have boundaries with
what we will do and what we want to pass on. Your partner may be a thrill
seeker and you might not have that drive to go on the spectacular adventures
they want to go on. Your mental health is most important and if your partner is
truly understanding of that, they’ll understand. It doesn’t hurt to try new
things every once in awhile but if you’re uncomfortable with an activity, be
honest with them and let them know how you feel. Don’t bottle up and repress
your feelings.

Go to Sleep Angry

One of the worst things for a
relationship is going to sleep angry. Besides being detrimental to your
physical health, it’s important you fall asleep with a clear mind. Did you
partner insult you earlier in the day? Did they say or do something that made
you angry? Let them know in a calm but firm manner. If you sleep on the issue,
it may boil over in the coming days and could turn into a relationship ending

Speed Things Up Too Quick

Give your relationship time to materialize. Speeding things up too quickly might turn off your partner and lead them to question the relationship. If you truly care about each other and see a future together, take it slow. It’s not worth the stress and anxiety, the world isn’t ending. Take all the time you need to find out everything about your partner. What are their interests? Their favorite foods? Where do they love to travel? Let the relationship progress at its natural pace.

Yourself and Your Partner Some Space

You don’t have to be with
your partner every waking minute of the day. Alone time is healthy for a
relationship. There are things that you love that your partner might not, don’t
be afraid to go out and do them. With the quarantine going into its fourth
month, many couples have been locked in their houses with each other and with
the constant close proximity to each other, fights are likely. Your best bet is
to go into a different room and have some time to yourself, whether it’s to
read a book, or taking a short nap.

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