How to Make Movie Night at Home More like the Theaters

After the week comes to an end and you leave your place of work, whether that be a facility like RCMC Medical Center or an accounting firm on the twentieth floor of a building, you’ve got the weekend to kick back and relax however you want. And what better way to do so than by enjoying a classic movie night from home?

You can have one alone, with your family, or even invite guests over to join in on the fun. But if you want to mimic the fun of going to the movies without paying for the overpriced tickets and snacks, there are a couple of ways you can bring that same experience to your very own home.

Have a High-Quality Screen

While you might not be able to fit the size of a movie screen into your home, you still have a few great options available. For one, you can go with a giant 4k television, which provides crystal clear visuals and stunning colors. Pair this with a solid speaker, and you’ve got the closest thing to a home theater that you can get with a TV.

But if you really want to go above and beyond, you can actually purchase a projector for the wall. This is the most authentic visual representation of a theater you will get, and with a powerful projector, you can even use the side of your house as a way to get that familiar giant-screen feeling as the theaters.

Snacks are Mandatory

How can you and your guests expect to enjoy a trip to the movies without the proper snacks? The answer is, you can’t, and the same goes for your movie night at home. Guests are welcome to bring their own snacks, and they won’t even have to sneak them into the show, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some on hand.

Stock up on boxed candies you’d normally find at the concession stand of a typical movie theater, like M&Ms, Junior Mints, Snickers, Gummy Bears, and more. Having plenty of popcorn should go without saying, as well as warm butter and seasonings to drizzle over it all. And to wash it all down, get a few soda options for everyone to enjoy. If you want to go all out, you can even get the same kinds of cups and buckets you’d typically find at a theater to improve the overall experience.

Set the Mood

Having all the other amenities for a movie won’t mean anything if your wannabe home-theater doesn’t actually feel like a theater, or at least close to one. You’ve got to set the mood before a screening by turning off all the lights and drawing the shades, as well as creating comfortable seating arrangements for you and your guests, whether that be on a couch, recliners, or any other form of seating that should be arranged in the best way possible. On top of all that, you can even tell any guests coming over to dress for the occasion based on the film you’ll be watching to give the illusion of a popular midnight premiere.

Tickets, Please

If you’re looking for a few ways to bring the fun of attending movie theaters to your very own home, these are some great tips for making it a reality. Get your make-believe tickets ready and enjoy all the future shows!