How LastPass Can Protect Your Business Against a Cyber Breach

To be successful, business owners today must take cybersecurity into account. Cyber crime has risen significantly within the past few years—and even within the past few months—and it isn’t a problem that will be going away anytime soon; quite the opposite is true. 

As such, it’s extremely important that businesses of all sizes are protecting themselves against potential cyber attacks. While there are many ways to do this, one of the most effective tools is to simply have strong password protocols in place at your company.

LastPass Solutions

One of the factors that leaves so many businesses vulnerable to cyber attacks is poor password security.

Some people see a password as just a rote step on their way to accessing systems and files, but it’s so much more: it’s a fundamental aspect of business security.

If your passwords are weak, hackers will be able to break them with minimal effort. And if you use the same password for multiple accounts (as 65% of people do, according to a 2019 Google survey), when a hacker gains access to one of your login credentials—whether through phishing, a dictionary attack, a brute force attack, or other means—they can use it to quickly access your other accounts.

That’s why it’s important to put effective password management policies and tools in place. LastPass can solve the problems of weak and repeated passwords by creating unique passwords for each login and then storing all your passwords securely in one location.

Many people reuse passwords for fear of forgetting unique passwords for the dozens of accounts they use (and with good reason—the average user has a staggering 90 password-protected accounts).

LastPass provides strong passwords for each login—and peace of mind that, should an employee’s password be compromised, it won’t start a chain reaction of breaches in your other accounts and systems.

Streamlining Login Systems

Cyber crime is sophisticated, but there are some simple ways to protect your company. One such way is to limit the access points that you have available. The more points of entrance an attacker has to target, the more likely it is that one will have an overlooked vulnerability.

LastPass solves this potential issue by securing all access points in one closed system. This allows you to keep tabs on who’s accessing your system while keeping your login credentials organized and accessible to authorized users.

While the security of your network begins with a strong password, that’s not the only privacy step companies should utilize when it comes to staying safe from online hackers. Multi-factor authentication is another common-sense tool that every business should use, since it keeps your systems secure even should someone get a hold of your passwords.

Ultimately, it’s highly critical that both SMBs and enterprise businesses follow cautious cybersecurity practices. The risks to the business, employees, and customers are too great for it to be ignored. If you’re looking to give your security credentials a push in the right direction, then an IAM (Identity and Access Management) solution is an excellent place to start.

This will bring greater cybersecurity for businesses by helping you focus on the important task of growing and developing your business, secure in the knowledge that your sensitive data is kept well out of the hands of criminals who would try to do you harm.