How A Spa Treatment Can Rejuvenate Your Career

Take a trip to the Spa

The best cure for a stressful day is a trip to the spa. Can you imagine if you never had to leave? If you enjoy pampering others and yourself and you have a passion for all things beauty and wellness related, the endless spa days is a gift you may be able to give to yourself. Think about it, when you need to get away from the stresses of a 9-5 and you want some self-indulgence, the spa is where you are likely to go. Imagine if you worked there. 


Becoming certified does not have to be difficult. Imagine getting the chance to let clients feel the way you feel after going to the spa. It’s a job that will allow you to give people the exact kind of positive lift you need on tough days. Also, it will benefit you immensely from working in a calm and soothing environment.

There are several job types you can pursue and several options available for certification. The CDI College Medical Spa Therapy program allows you to earn your diploma in less than a year and teaches biology fundamentals, massage, restorative therapy, treatments, and even gives career guidance.

They also teach industry-standard record keeping, marketing, and employment strategies. You will even gain specialized knowledge of skincare products so that you can best advise your patients. 

Other courses are also offered at Spa Tech Institute. They offer certification in massage, esthetics, polarity, cosmetology, barbering or nail tech. They also have a job portal which tries to effectively match employer needs with graduate skills.

Variety of courses

If you are a bit more inspired and you really want to get into it, Dermani Medspa offers a variety of different courses. They offer cosmetic laser training, cosmetic ceu laser training, micro-needling training, derma planing training and advanced skin analysis and ingredients training. The cost and time commitment for these training sessions vary. If you are truly committed to a lifestyle of wellness, this particular spa also offers franchising opportunities. 

Because the industry is so dynamic, it can be the perfect career pivot for you, regardless of your current resume. You would be fulfilling the need of the public to rejuvenate, unwind and heal.

Career path and progression

Also, your career path and progression would be up to you. You can choose to have a job in salon-type settings which will give you a comfortable 9-5 environment, with job security and a guaranteed income. This atmosphere also provides the ability to improve on your existing talents, to take on new expertise in therapies and procedures, and to develop your portfolio so that you can attract a broader variety of clients. From that level you can work your way into management with experience, gain a more generous salary package and enjoy more flexible working hours.

Self employed

Another path is that you may become self-employed and develop a company with your own clientele, working from home or as a mobile beautician, if you are business-minded. Whichever path best suits you, a career in the wellness industry might just be what you need to get and keep your juices flowing.