Data Systems International Revolutionizes Construction Companies Operations

For over five years, Data Systems International (DSI) has provided a platform where companies create mobile-first, cloud-based supply chain solutions. Today, DSI’s products that categorize as Cloud Inventory®, Add-on Products, and ERP apps, have found their way into the operations of construction companies.

There are exemplary cases where DSI’s Cloud Inventory® made significant improvements. Construction companies such as MAREK, Aegion, and Womble Co. use DSI’s platform for asset tracking. The companies report a decrease in wastage and an increase in operating speeds. Each of the companies has taken the paper trail out of the asset tracking process.

Company by company breakdown

Several construction companies reaping the benefits delivered by DSI’s platform include:


MAREK has been maintaining a manual asset tracking system for over 80 years. The interior construction company’s foremen had to take trips to warehouses to keep tabs on the supplies and equipment. Their operation speed was less than optimum. Thus, the company needed a supply chain solution that would fit in their ERP system. MAREK chose the Cloud Inventory® and Field Inventory® products from Data Systems International.

MAREK provided iPhones to its field employees to effectively implement the chosen DSI products. The first location started experiencing the resourcefulness of Cloud Inventory® in a matter of weeks. MAREK has now gone paperless. Its executives feel that the way they manage assets has changed forever.


Aegion felt that their sewer, gas, and oil pipeline business would be more effective if its supply chain went digital. Digitizing the process would give a better visual overview of equipment and inventory. The company had an ERP system in place, so they wanted a solution integrated with the ERP.

Implementing DSI’s Cloud Inventory® proved to be a game-changer. According to Aegion, there has been a drastic reduction in invoice processing times. It takes the company only one day to process invoices – a process that took weeks. Aegion highlights how the user-friendliness of Cloud Inventory® has improved its customer service.

Womble Co.

Executives at Womble felt that their manual tracking system negatively affected their ability to coat thousands of feet of steel pipes. A digital supply chain solution would eliminate human errors and expedite order processing.

Data Systems International’s Cloud Inventory® listed as the best candidate. After implementing it, Womble reports increased efficiency throughout the company. Without DSI’s solutions, coating and tracking 57000 miles of steel pipes without any loss would have been almost impossible.

Other construction companies list as beneficiaries of the DSI supply chain platform. The list includes a top-rated EPC contractor operating a vast windmill farm. Today, the company enjoys increased asset visibility and easy-to-use, company-wide communication channels.

Getting a competitive edge in the digital economy

Construction companies reduce wastage, increase operating speed, and enhance customer service. All these benefits come to be due to companies’ ability to access to real-time supply chain data. By employing mobile-first, cloud-powered solutions built on Data Systems International’s platform, the companies are becoming more effective and efficient. The increased efficacy translates to more revenue and the establishment of competitive advantage.

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