A Handy Guide to Finding the Software you Need

Technology has come a long way over the past 30 years or so. Computers are now found in literally every home and workplace around the world, and are used for everything from simply browsing the web, to writing, designing, creating music, video editing and so much more.

With the advances in technology each year, computers become more powerful and the software that we run on them offer huge potential for us to be creative and work to a much higher standard. Nowadays, you can find computer software for everything. Whether you want a simple word processing program you can use to write, or a complex audio and video editing suite, there will be a solution to what you are looking for.

What is software?

Software is basically a program that you install onto your computer that can be used to run a specific task. Some classic examples of software that everyone would have heard of include Excel, which is Microsoft’s spreadsheet program, and Photoshop, which is Adobe’s award winning photo editor.

Software can actually be broken down into three main types. These are application software, which are things such as graphic design, word processing, etc. Then there is system software, which is the main operating system for your computer, with Windows being the one that everyone will recognize. Finally, there is software that has been built for a very specific purpose, such as hospital management software.

Being careful with software

One of the main factors of software is the price. Programs such as Photoshop can cost more than $600 for a lifetime version, while there are also monthly subscriptions available that make it more affordable. 

Due to the high price of some software, there are usually two alternatives that people often use. The first is that they will look for a pirated version of the software, which is clearly an illegal option and one that can get you in a lot of trouble. The second is that they look for an alternative, cheaper version of software that does the same thing as the higher priced original., and there are great websites such as softwherediscounts that can help you find alternatives.

Using Photoshop again as an example, for many graphic designers, it is the must-have piece of software for their work. However, for someone who is simply running a blog and needs to prepare images for it, going out and purchasing Photoshop is not going to be a viable option. In this instance, it is best to look for alternative photo editing software which can be picked up at a much more affordable price.

Where to get software

The best place to pick up software is from the developers. So if you want to purchase Photoshop, most people will buy it directly from Adobe, either online or in store. However, for other independent software developers, they allow their software to be made available through a number of websites online that specialize in software. 

It’s important to remember that when downloading software from a website, make sure that the website is genuine and that the software is what you are expecting it to be. Using things such as torrents or illegal download sites is never a good idea as the software could be filled with malware or viruses that can cause your computer a great deal of damage.

There are a number of websites that also provide you with information about where to find the best deals online for different types of software. These are very useful sites, as a lot of the time, a certain piece of software may be selling at a huge discount on a couple of sites, while all the others are showing it as the regular price.

It is always a good idea to do a quick search on Google for something such as a software discount, using the name of the piece of software you are looking for. You’ll often be able to find it at a much better price than the RRP, and can make some nice savings as well.

Some final thoughts

When it comes to finding software, whether for personal or professional use, it’s always a good idea to do a little searching online beforehand. In addition to finding where you can pick it up at the lowest possible price, it’s good to check out peoples reviews of it as well. 

You might find that a lot of people were disappointed with the software you are after, and they may recommend some much better alternatives for you to consider. Reading through reviews and testimonials is always a good idea, and try to find some independent platforms on which to read the reviews, and not just from the developers website, as they are obviously only going to show positive reviews on there.