7 Tools for Creating Instagram Videos that Get Views, Likes, and Shares

Videos are a great way to market yourself. Most businesses agree with that especially when it comes to networks like Instagram, where the data indicates that videos drive more engagement. 

But many businesses shy away from using them because of the time constraints. It takes more time to create video content than images. 

One way to save time and create more video content is by using the right tools. Picking the right tool can be an overwhelming task as there are so many of them out there. Therefore, to help you find the right tools I have made a list below…

Video creation and editing tools:

Let’s start with the obvious, to create videos you need video creation and editing tools. Right now there are many video makers out there that make it easy for people to create videos from scratch. So, make sure you get yourself one. You should also get yourself something that will help with video editing. As this will help you modify your videos and use it on other places such as stories, IGTV, and ads, not just in the feed. 

Video scheduling tools:

One of the key things you need to do to get more engagement is to publish at the right time. So, make sure you get yourself a good scheduling software. There are many Instagram scheduling tools out there, but most of them don’t let you publish videos and stories, so make sure you pick one that has these features. 

If you are creating live video, you might also want to look into webcasting tools

Writing tools:

Most people consider just video content when it comes to publishing on Instagram. What they forget about is the caption. What you include here will play a key role in the results you generate. This is why you should include an emotion-inducing caption along with several hashtags. 

The writing should also be easy to read and free of errors. So, make sure you get yourself a good writing tool such as Grammarly and Hemingway to help you write error-free and easy to read captions. 

Influencer marketing tools:

To extend the reach of your videos, you shouldn’t just publish them on your account, but also on the accounts of top influencers. This will help you reach a lot more people. So, make sure you get yourself a good influencer marketing software. This should help you find influencers, check their engagement, and reach out to them. 

If they have features that let you check for fake followers and engagement, that’s a plus as this has become a serious problem. 

Image creation tools:

To generate views, your Instagram video should include thumbnails, highlight icons (in case you make your video into a highlight), etc. Therefore, make sure you use a good image creation tool to come up with visuals that are essential towards promoting your videos. 

Video ad automation tools:

Ads are a great way to get your videos more exposure. But they can be tricky to run if you are using them for the first time. This is why you should get yourself an AI-powered ad automation tool that will help you handle some of the difficult tasks associated with running ads.  

Video analytics tools:

It’s very unlikely that you will create the best videos right from the get-go. It’s going to take you a while to experiment with different tactics, measure results, and get better results. 

So, instead of plainly relying on Instagram’s built-in insights, get yourself a better analytics tool that will help you gather a lot more important data.