7 items you usually forget to take with you on a luxury RV

Beautiful, luxury motor home parked in a national park campground.

Have you ever wondered what to bring with you while you are traveling in a luxury recreational vehicle? When you think of luxury, you automatically assume that it already has everything built-in for you. Well, there are still some missing pieces to the puzzles. For instance, is regular toilet paper compatible? Will I be able to connect all of the appliances outside with the indoor outlets? All these are very good questions, and here is a list of what you should bring and why. 

1.)  Food (lots of it): The first thing that you want to worry about is the food. You can never have too much, especially on a road trip. The only thing with bringing food in an RV is that you need to keep in mind that things will move around, especially if you keep running into bumps in the road. Avoid bringing food in glass containers, or glass bottles.  This will be the first thing that breaks, and you want to avoid any unnecessary messes. Using hand towels to keep glass bottles separated is a great way to avoid any spills. Bring canned food; it’s easier to store on shelves. 

2.) RV friendly toilet paper: Regular toilet paper will not work on your luxury camping trip. Bringing a paper that is biodegradable is your best bet. In order to avoid your tank to clog or cause the sensors to give you any wrong messages, it would be a good idea to invest in a toilet paper that dissolves quickly and won’t give you any problems while you are on the road. Of course, this toilet paper will come at a higher cost since it will be considered “special paper” but you can find this paper anywhere in your local camping stores, or your regular Target or Walmart should have it just look for RV toilet paper.

3.) Sewer Kit: Just in case you were not able to purchase the RV friendly toilet paper or uncle earl ate too much chili, it’s not such a bad idea to bring a sewer kit. The last thing you want while on the road is not to have a bathroom for hundreds of miles. What a sewer kit is a long thick pipe, and you will be able to unclog all of the regular toilet paper. It is a nasty job, but someone has to it. But hey, you are camping, and that’s all that matters. This is a very inexpensive piece of equipment, and usually, most RVs have it in their rigs. 

4.) Drinking water hose: When you are on the road, one of the most important things is water that is safe enough to drink. Having a water hose is crucial for your camping trip. There are many different types of drinking water hoses that can do many things. Just get a hose that you feel comfortable with, and that looks durable for a long trip.

5.) Extension cords: An extension cord is another crucial part of your camping itinerary items. Since RVs can be powered by 120 volt-system or a 12 volt-system, you will need to find the appropriate cord for your RV. The 120 volt-system is powered by a generator, and the 12 volt-system is powered by batteries. Once you get to the campgrounds, there will also be different types of plugins, so it would also be best to get an adapter for the plugs in just in case you run into this issue.  

6.) Fire extinguisher: This itinerary item is a must for any camping trip. You want to be safe than sorry. A good place to store a fire extinguisher is in the bedroom, the galley, or outside in an unlocked compartment that is easy to get in case of an emergency. There are many brands for fire extinguishers that are very affordable and easy to use. We recommend you to get one that you are familiar with and will be able to fit in the compartment that you have assigned it for. 

7.)Emergency road kit: Because you never know when you will get a flat tire, or a blown-out gasket you need to be prepared to stop along the road and be able to see what is wrong with your RV until you can safely drive it to a nearby gas station or a repair shop. You want to make sure you have in your kit jumper cables, roadside flares, flashlight, air compressor, and a multiuse utility tool.  

Now that you have the essential items that you can usually forget to get while you go are traveling in a luxury RV, you can rest easy and plan all of the fun activities you and your family will do together. Bringing these items will only make your life easier while you are on the road.