5 Ways That your Business Can Benefit from the Cloud

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We are living in a digital world and if you run a business and are not taking full advantage of cutting-edge technology, this is something you should prioritise. The Internet offers all organisations much in the way of data storage and communication, to name but a couple of ways that your company can benefit from digital technology.

Here are some of the ways that digital solutions can revolutionise your business.

Cloud Storage

If all of your business data is stored on a secure cloud network, you and your employees can access the data from any location, using any device. Of course, everything is password protected and the relevant people (accountants and salespeople) can easily access and update in real-time. If you would like to know more about secure cloud solutions, talk to a managed IT services provider, who can design a network around your business.

Business Communications

We all know how expensive it is to use the telephone, yet business communication is essential and by using VoIP technology, your business communication costs will be drastically cut. If, for example, you have a support number for your customers, check out the contact centre solutions by CCNA, a leading Australian provider of cloud and communication services.

Digitalise your Office

Yes, you can actually do away with paper completely, as there are small businesses that will scan each and every document and store it on the cloud, plus they will teach your office staff how to scan documents and you can finally remove those bulky filing cabinets that take up so much room. This means that any staff member can instantly bring up any document onto their screen and that saves a lot of time, making your business processes more streamlined.


Whether you have an in-house accounts department or you outsource your bookkeeping, storing all your data on the cloud enables the accounting staff to access all relevant data and that will save you money, as the accountant does not have to visit you at your offices. You can create a permissions hierarchy that only allows approves employees to access the data, giving you complete control. Click here for more benefits from using an IT managed service, which you might find interesting.

Collaborating on Projects

If you have staff in multiple locations working on the same project, then the cloud can assist in many ways. You can have video conferences, share files and update data in a real-time environment. Many corporations take advantage of the fact that they can call virtual meetings using their secure cloud network, as distance or location is never an issue.

People can use their workstation, tablet or mobile phone and they do not need to install bulky software, which makes things very convenient. Click here for information from the Australian digital transformation service.

There are specialised cloud service providers that can tailor their services to suit the client and they can easily be located with a Google search. Using cloud-based services will streamline your business processes, while making your organisation more efficient and saving money in the process.