5 Red Flags in College Apartments

The college search has come to an end, and you have finally selected the college of your choice. Time goes by quickly, before you know it college orientation is just around the corner, and guess what? You need housing!

Most college campuses offer on-campus dormitories for students looking for a college education right away. However, some students are not comfortable with this type of living environment or cannot find one that fits their budget. For these students finding off-campus college apartments is the next best option.

Before signing any papers or paying any money read this list of red flags to look out for when apartment hunting in college town:

1.) Watch out for high-pressure tactics

An apartment manager may present an offer within hours after the initial interview. Don’t be fooled by all the bells and whistles, college apartments are college apartments no matter how much the landlord goes out of his or her way to make it more appealing.

2.) Find out if there is a security deposit

If your college apartment complex charges you anything beyond your monthly rent this will be explained in your lease agreement under “security deposit”. Once you sign this contract you are responsible for any damages that may occur during your lease term so keep this in mind before signing on the dotted line.

3.) Watch out for unclear tenant responsibilities

This would include repairs, landscaping, snow removal, etc. The best thing to do when considering a college apartment is read all the fine print on paper work whether it is a college apartment or any other type of living environment.

4.) Look into college apartment utilities before signing on the dotted line

Some college apartments may not have been entirely honest with you about what is included in your rent price. Make sure to include college apartment utilities such as water, garbage disposal, and electricity to avoid unpleasant surprises once move-in date arrives.

5.) Church/state separation should be clear

Do not sign a college apartment lease if this tenant responsibility is unclear. Having a place of worship within a college apartment complex should not bother tenants as long as usual college apartment rules are followed and all other tenants are respectful of those who may practice different religions or no religion at all. If anything, just put up a curtain or magazine rack to create a college apartment study nook.

If you follow your gut feeling and carefully consider college apartment options before making a decision you will be just fine!