5 Amazing Places In Hawaii For Everyone Who Loves

5 Amazing Places In Hawaii For Everyone Who Loves. Is the summer heat making you cranky!! Here’s something to change: Alaska Airlines Deals brings you the deal sweetener. Get flat travel discounts, unwind and make your reservations now with Alaska Airlines Reservations. A few weeks ago, while I was on my 17+ hours of journey, I had the privilege of 24 hours layover in Hawaii. Hawaii is one of the most beautiful regions on earth and on hearing this I grabbed the opportunity to utilize my time to the fullest. Hawaii remains on my bucket list because I knew I was going to have an amazing beach time like nowhere else. After the long hours of the cramped plane time, the humid air of Hawaii hit me and I couldn’t wait to explore the city.

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Exploring the Waikiki Beach

Surfing in Waikiki

Eating on Poke and Shave Ice Cream

Visiting Pearl Harbour

Feasting at the Farmers Market

Exploring other alternative beaches at Waikiki

Horse-riding along the ocean-front

Exploring the Waikiki Beach

I couldn’t believe my place, it is surreal, there’s no better place than Waikiki if you want to catch the first few waves. There are plenty of surf stations near the beach, so finding one was never a problem for me. If you want assistance you can take a private tour of the place. I interacted with some of the locals and I realized that mid-morning was the best time to catch the waves. The next morning, I woke up early, and got some good exercise by catching some waves. I think this is the best way to spend your morning in Waikiki although it was not long enough.

Eating on Poke and Shave Ice Cream

I have always wanted to try the poke bowls and shave ice. The streets of Waikiki are sprinkled with vendors selling my favorite poke bowls at a reasonable price and are only a few minutes away from my hostel. Besides this, I couldn’t resist the seafood and had it packed for me.

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Exploring Pearl Harbour

I Hired an uber in the afternoon and made my way to Pearl Harbour, if you are also interested in visiting Pearl Harbour you won’t have a problem fiindignplenty of tours and private cars or you can simply book a cab since it isn’t that far. I have always wanted to travel here because of the amazing history it holds.

Grab a quick snack at Framers Market

I wanted to explore the city like a local so next, I head to the Farmer’s Market in the evening. Entertained by the hustle and bustle of the crowd, vendors shouting from every corner taking pride in the local produce they were selling. At Farmer’s market, you can find plenty of fresh fruit salad, cold fresh juices, authentic Hawaiian dishes, etc.


My next thing to do list was horseback riding, so I traveled to Kaa’awa Valley which is a popular filming site for many popular views. Other popular places for horseback riding include West Maui Mountain Waterfall, Ocean Tour, etc. In case you are traveling with your family, you can book a private Oahu trail ride as a private ride. Since it was legal to ride a horse on a beach, I didn’t miss the opportunity and made full use of it. Unlike any typical landlocked ranch, horseback ride this time my experience was different. I enjoyed the beautiful oceanfront, and riding the finest polo ponies was one of the finest things I experienced throughout my stay in Hawaii.

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