4 Ways to Better Utilize Your Mobile Phone for Business

Smartphones have a lot of computing power and have proven to be a very important tool for business people. Mobile applications have made it possible for managers to stay in touch with remote employees and they have also opened up a whole new world of business opportunities. Here are a few ways businesses can utilize mobile phones.

1.    Focus on Flexibility

Mobile phones have brought about a lot of flexibility, allowing business owners to work from anywhere. They are no longer confined to working from the office and can respond to customer inquiries from wherever they are. Giving employees the freedom to work from anywhere promotes their productivity and commitment to the business.

A mobile phone is the one gadget most customers use for surfing the internet, emailing, and instant messaging. It is therefore a great tool for receiving inquiries from the website or social media accounts. This means that business goes on as usual whenever anyone is out of the office.

With a smartphone, anyone can request, receive and even print documents remotely. This brings efficiency however companies must provide proper applications and ensure that they are correctly used. Businesses enjoy better communications and this puts them at a competitive advantage.

2.    Facilitate Collaboration

Company employees or managers can effectively collaborate with the help of mobile phones to bring about efficiency. To communicate ideas, they only need to have a phone conference with the rest of the team. It is a much better way of communicating instead of writing back and forth emails.

Teleconferencing with the team can be made much easier by using the RingCentral application on the phone. Users can have up to 10 participants in a conference call on a phone with high audio quality. RingCentral also allows conveners to have control of the online meeting with helpful controls to manage it.

To make meetings more conducive, the moderators can also infuse some music. The call manager also has control of task scheduling, recording, and data sharing. Those not able to attend the teleconference can download the meeting’s recording. People can see all the chats to understand the discussion better as well as contribute their ideas.

3.    Consider Operational Costs

Businesses are always trying to reduce operational costs to maximize their profits. Mobile applications have brought about the reduction of paper-based workflows. Managers and employees can work on customer requests seamlessly by scheduling tasks and monitoring their processing.

This puts a business at a better competitive advantage as company operations are streamlined by embracing technology. Clients can also track the progress of their orders from their mobile phones which help put them at ease. This improvement of standard procedures makes running a business much easier over time.

Clients and employees can fill digital forms online instead of using paper further reducing the cost of paperwork. Using voice-over-internet protocol instead of the phone lines further reduces communication costs as with VoIP phones, companies don’t need to invest in expensive hardware anymore to enhance their communication systems.

4.    Better Manage Business Operations

Over the last few years, tons of smartphone applications have been developed to make business operations easier. They are now becoming the main productivity tool for companies around the world. There are customized applications for healthcare, transport, and financial services.

Clients can now order and track the delivery of services and businesses can also order items from suppliers. All this takes a short time, leaving workers with more time to concentrate on the more important matters. Work-life balance becomes easier to achieve as they can now stay connected to work from anywhere.

Smartphones have also made financial systems easier through mobile banking enhancing the transfer of money. Customers can make payments from their mobile phones through smartphone applications. Managers can also automate transactions and certain business processes helping more to be done in a short time.

Make the Most of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have become an important tool in business since managers can do more than just make calls. They help businesses to have better collaborations even while one is out of the office. Many mobile apps are free, and therefore businesses should take advantage of them.