4 things to look for in wholesale suppliers

When looking for any type of wholesale supplier, you must create a standard for yourself. It will not be useful to settle for just anyone because they are available at that moment.

Drop shipping in particular requires a trustworthy supplier. There are very many wholesale dropshippers on the market but not all will give you great service. Some of them might promise you great service but what you get will turn out more harmful to your business.

The whole point of having these suppliers is to give your customers exceptional service. The customers are expecting the best from you and they should receive it.

For this reason, consider the following aspects when choosing a wholesale supplier, especially in drop shipping.


The choice of a good company is reliant on their reputation. You will consider the best supplier because you want to establish a good reputation with you customers. That is the only way to keep your line of loyal customer intact.

The reputation that your supplier has should be the number one consideration in your selection criteria. Have your own expectations and set them to point where they must be met.

Look at some of the customer reviews from those who have received services from the company before. It is easier to believe what others have reviewed than the ads.

Customer service

Customers expect the best service from any company. You as the customer to the supplier, you should not expect anything less either.

There are many things that define great customer service. For beginners, you need to have a ready and direct line of contact with the supplier. That way, you can air your problems anytime you feel like doing so.

If the customer service is poor and they don’t respond to your requests, look for another supplier.


Have they displayed their contact information? What about their location and other details – are they all clear?

A company that  hides information about their whereabouts is probably a scam. This is more so true when dealing with online companies. Make it your point of contact to establish trust through transparency and truthfulness.


Different suppliers operate in different locations. You might have identified the best wholesale supplier but they don’t operate in your region.

Most online suppliers have specific regions they work in. For this reason, identify a supplier that you are sure serves where you are operating from.

If you put together the four considerations above, you will definitely have a good supplier to work with. Remember that your business may rely on them for growth so make it a priority.