4 Key Ways Single Sign On Saves Your Business Money

You don’t want to have your employees signing in and out of every system they use. This not only causes a headache for IT, but it also wastes time!

Single sign-on (SSO) can help make this process much easier by allowing users to sign in once with their credentials and then access all the systems that they need without having to log in to each one individually.

If you’re interested in how SSO saves businesses money, keep reading!

You’re probably aware that single sign-on (SSO) is becoming a popular choice among companies. What you may not know, though, is how SSO can save your business money!

Here are four benefits to using an integrated identity management system:

*It saves time for IT staff by allowing them to assign and enforce password policies once instead of separately on each application.

*It reduces the risk of security breaches because it prevents employees from reusing passwords across all systems. Instead, they have only one set of credentials to remember.

*It makes life easier for your workforce by removing the need for them to repeatedly log out and log into different applications throughout their day–whether you know it or not, this can be a huge pain point for your employees.

*It makes it easier to onboard and offboard new staff because you have one centralized location where all of their information lives–instead of having to search multiple systems every time someone changes roles in the company.

Single Sign-On Save Your IT Staff Time

It saves your IT staff time because they have fewer log-in requests to deal with, and it also reduces the complexity of managing access levels for different employees.

Single Sign-On makes life easier on you when making changes in permissions or roles. It only requires a few clicks instead of hours spent researching who needs what permission level.

Reduces the Risk of Security Breaches

Security breaches can cause significant losses for your company, but they are less likely to occur when you have Single Sign-On in place.

SSO can save costs and time associated with security breaches in your business. Even if hackers can break through the log-in barriers, they will only have access to one system.

And because there is often no need for external software packages like VPNs, firewalls, or intrusion detection tools when using SSO consistently throughout the organization.

It Keeps Your Data Safe

Single sign-on also protects the data of your employees by reducing the risk that someone will be able to steal their log-in credentials and then misuse them. This has a secondary benefit because it reduces the likelihood of compliance violations, which can lead to hefty fines from regulators like HIPAA or PCI DSS.

When your business uses single sign-on solutions, it becomes easier for users and administrators alike to ensure that security measures are taken seriously. That’s why companies who employ this system save money while providing better protection against breaches than ever before!

Easier On and Offboarding Process

With SSO, you can streamline the onboarding and offboarding staff process by removing the need for employees to remember multiple passwords and log-ins. This not only reduces employee turnover due to forgetting their password, but it can also help you identify potential security risks before they become problems!

Having one system used by all of your staff means reducing costs related to software licensing–especially when those licenses are tied closely with a particular platform or operating system. It also saves money on IT support because there’s less fragmentation in how different types of devices access necessary data.