4 Creative Ways to Use Your Phone to Help You Lose Weight

A smartphone is basically a hand-held supercomputer, and it comes with a ton of features. Utilizing some of these features can be a powerful tool even for weight loss. This article will go over creative ways that you can use your smartphone for your weight loss journey.

1. Create a Workout Playlist for Endurance

One of the most important factors for losing weight or building muscle is endurance. Endurance is a combination of time and effort. You have endurance if you can hold a workout steady for a long time. Use your smartphone to create an exercise playlist that lasts at least forty-five minutes to an hour that will keep you motivated and help build your endurance.

This music should be upbeat and something that you can literally run with, but it should also keep you motivated. The best songs for this are something that you can sing along to. Don’t limit yourself to one workout playlist. Use your smartphone and create many playlists of different music, so you have a variety of playlists for different workout routines. Various playlists will also minimize the monotony of listening to the same songs each time you workout.

2. Set Alarms and Reminders

To lose weight, you need to remember to work out. Setting alarms and reminders can be easy to remember because your phone is always with you, whether at work or home. If you set alarms that go off at the same time each day, you will know that an alarm is coming up soon, hopefully triggering your brain to get up and move. You can even set alarms to remind you it’s time to attend your favorite fitness class.

3. Keep a Record of Calorie and Weight Loss

A smartphone allows you to record your food, water intake, and weight. You can then log your food and water with an app or simply keep track of it on a blank excel spreadsheet. Logging your calories is one of the most important aspects of weight loss, as it will make or break your weight loss journey. If you don’t write down the calories in your food and drink, you won’t know the calories you are eating or drinking. You need to be consistent in recording this information so that, eventually, you will have a good understanding of how many calories you should be eating each day to maintain or lose weight.

4. Synch with Fitness Trackers

Smartphones can sync with fitness trackers. These include Fitbit and Jawbone. The phone can send information to the tracker and give you more accurate information on your activity level. When you want to lose weight, an accurate picture of your activity level is important. Reliable fitness companies will help you with the synching process so that you have a better way of tracking your fitness journey.

A smartphone is not just a tool for entertainment and social networking, but it can also be a tool for improving your daily life and the way you approach things. This includes losing weight. Your phone can be instrumental in your weight loss journey if you utilize it correctly.