10 Popular Relationship Podcasts to Listen to With Your Partner

Sex and relationship advice is always helpful, no matter if you’re single, dating, or in a committed relationship. The digital age has gifted us with podcasts that do just that, and they’re fantastic! Whether you listen to them alone or with your partner, they’re bound to offer some much-needed advice.

Here are the 10 best relationship podcasts the internet has to offer on dating, relationships, sex, and more:

1. Modern Love

If you’re a fan of the New York Times, you may be familiar with their column called
Modern Love,” where real people submit their interesting, often complicated love stories.

After running for 16 years, the column evolved into a TV show, multiple books, and now a podcast. Each week, hosts Daniel Jones and Miya Lee discuss their favorite stories from the “Modern Love” column and speak to the authors.

2. Sex with Emily

Dr. Emily Morse is a Doctor of Human Sexuality and the best-selling author of “Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight!” She also hosts the number one sexuality podcast on iTunes, called “Sex with Emily,” where she shares her expertise on sex, relationships, and everything in between. 

3. Foreplay Radio

For all of those burning sex questions you’re too scared to ask, the “Foreplay Radio” podcast is not afraid to answer them! Co-hosts and licensed marriage and family therapists Laurie Watson, PhD., and Greg Faller have real, honest conversations about love and sex that you wish you had growing up.

4. The Relationship School

Hosted by relationship coach Jason Gaddis, each episode aims to teach you lessons from a class Gaddis wishes he had in school, which he calls ”How to do Romantic Relationships.” He claims his podcast is for those who “want to be seen and known deeply, and to be in a mutually loving partnership where you have each other’s backs, no matter what.”

5. Healing Broken Trust in Your Marriage After Infidelity

It can be incredibly difficult to rebuild trust after infidelity, but this podcast aims to do just that. In each episode, Brad Robinson, a nationally recognized affair recovery expert, and his wife Morgan Robinson outline how to heal after infidelity has wrecked your relationship.

6. Let’s Get Vulnerable: Relationships and Dating

On her “Let’s Get Vulnerable” podcast, Dr. Morgan, a relationship coach and psychologist, brings humor, truth, and knowledge to the complicated world of dating and relationships. Each episode is recorded in a live format, which gives the feel of a real-live talk show.

7. Where Should We Begin? With Esther Perel

“Mating in Captivity” author Esther Perel, arguably one of the best-known couples’ therapists, offers her expert advice on relationships. During each episode, a different couple sits down with Esther to spill the details of their troubled relationship while listeners eavesdrop.

8. The Endless Honeymoon Podcast

Married comedians Moshe Kasher and Natasha Leggero host “The Endless Honeymoon Podcast,” so you’re definitely in for some laughs! They take calls from listeners and frequently feature equally funny guests, including Ronan Farrow and Jon Lovett. 

9. I Do Podcast

Hosts Chase and Sarah Kosterlitz have been married for over 10 years, and their goal is to give young couples the tools to a successful marriage. They welcome a different expert each week and have over 300 episodes already.

10. Paired By The People

If you’re a reality TV fan, you’ll likely get hooked to Lakshmi Rengarajan’s podcast, “Paired By The People.” Her goal is to “revive the art of the setup” (as opposed to meeting on a dating app). Along with conversations about “the modern setup,” the podcast features different “matchmaking” duos, who they plan to set up, and how the date goes.

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