Web Finance Team Review: Why I Chose Them To Overhaul My Website Content

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One of the things I learned when I wanted to start my business was that I would need an excellent website to cement my online presence. However, I did not know that there were many elements I needed to pay attention to.

One of these elements was website content. At this time, I knew little about search engine optimization but didn’t know how to make it work. I thought keyword stuffing would help, and I wrote many articles that were not very relevant to my niche but were filled with many relevant keywords.

The result was a very clumsy blog section without the necessary elements to boost search engine ranking. It also couldn’t entice my potential customers into looking around enough to get to the purchase stage.

After a long time, I learned about content marketing and copywriting. After many false starts, I came across the Web Finance Team, and through them, I learned about the signs that should have told me that my web content needed to be overhauled. Some of these signs were:

I wasn’t getting results

My website wasn’t ugly by any standard. However, it didn’t give me the results I expected from it. According to the Web Finance Team, my business website had only one purpose: to increase my customer base.

However, my website wasn’t doing that. In fact, the people I was able to redirect from my social media pages to my website would quickly lose interest after going through one page.

They even backed up the metric with some measured evidence using certain industry tools.

I had a few new pages

Most of the content on my website was written when I first got the website. As a result, They were not up to date, and many sounded somewhat weird since I wrote them myself. When I sat down with the Web Finance Team, I realized that there were so many things I could be doing better.

My web design at the time just wasn’t working

Since I was going to change my web design, I decided to take the chance to overhaul my content. The Web Finance Team helped transform businesses, and with their expertise, where would you create a web design and content that went hand in hand? We worked on every little detail and fine-tuned the page to suit my buyer persona.

My site wasn’t responsive

With the Web Finance Team’s support, I conducted some user search query analysis. I inserted several keywords into all content without much thought because I had heard they were important. However, this did more harm than good for my cause.

I ensured each page on my site was dedicated to a single keyword or topic by researching the most popular searches in my niche. They also said I should aim for human readers rather than a computer program. After doing everything, I saw some changes.