Top Rated DWI Attorney in Austin Texas:

Austin residents have a penchant for drinking and driving, with the city constantly ranking among the top five worst for drunk driving offenses and, as of 2022 reaching an all time record for motor vehicle fatalities. With Austin leading most cities in drunk driving arrests, a local top rated DWI attorney in Austin Texas can provide a variety of benefits.

Given the prevalence of DWI charges in Austin, the city is flooded with DWI attorneys, many of whom have limited experience and are lacking a familiarity with the local court system. To ensure expert representation from a top rated local Austin Texas DWI attorney, consider hiring Rick Cofer, a managing partner at Cofer and Connelly PLLC with significant experience representing complex DWIs. 

Rick Cofer- Nationally Renowned DWI Defense Attorney 

With over twenty years of experience practicing law in Austin and the surrounding metropolitan area, Rick Cofer has seen it all when it comes to DWI charges. Recognized among the best criminal defense attorneys, Cofer has thousands of hours of courtroom experience both representing and prosecuting DWI cases. Throughout his career, Cofer has assisted countless clients in their case’s dismissal, acquittal, and reduction of charges and has successfully litigated several DWI cases in a jury trial. Cofer has maintained a 94% dismissal and acquittal rate on all criminal cases he has taken in the past four years. With a specialization in complicated felony charges such as enhanced and third-time DWIs, Cofer is well-equipped to take on any DWI charge to successful results.

Serving as the assistant county attorney and assistant district attorney prior to co-founding Cofer and Connelly PLLC, Cofer has also prosecuted some of the county’s most complex DWIs. This strong prosecutorial background has not only provided Cofer with innumerable connections throughout the Travis County court system but has also provided him with foresight into the county’s most common prosecutorial tactics. 

While he already wields the expertise of a DWI prosecutor and a DWI criminal defender, as a member of the National College for DUI Defense Cofer further solidifies his status among the top DWI attorneys in Austin Texas. An accredited nonprofit professional organization, the National College for DUI Defense provides seminars and educational courses that grant members proficiency in the science, technology, and procedures governing DWI arrests and convictions and equip them with tested and innovative DWI defense strategies. As a member of the college, Cofer can easily spot faulty field sobriety, breath, and blood tests, and officer misconduct such as lack of probable cause.

In addition to being a successful felony defense lawyer and a top rated Austin Texas DWI attorney, Cofer is also well-versed in juvenile law and has plenty of experience with the Travis County juvenile court system. As a juvenile defense attorney, Cofer has defended all sorts of DUIAs, and, given his experience with mental health prosecution, is often tasked with defending teens with substance abuse issues due to mental health disorders.

At Cofer and Connelly, regardless of whether you’re represented by Rick or another partner, your DWI case is in good hands. As a boutique law firm, Cofer and the entire team at Cofer and Connelly provide extensive attention and care to each of their cases. In order to formulate a successful defense strategy, Cofer meticulously reviews each detail of his client’s DWI case and will interview key witnesses to gain the full scope of information. Using his prosecutorial experience, Cofer can often find small inaccuracies in a witness’s story, and in certain cases find new witnesses in favor of the defense.

As one of the top rated DWI lawyers in Austin and all of Texas, Cofer’s representation is rooted in client communication. Cofer provides personalized DWI representation for whatever his clients are facing, whether it be prepping for an ALR hearing, assistance getting a commercial license, or obtaining an order of nondisclosure. Cofer understands the complexity of Texas DWIs laws and the stress a DWI charge can put one under and will always answer any questions a client has. Unlike many DWI lawyers, Cofer never sugarcoats a case’s prospects and is always willing to take a case to trial to secure a favorable outcome.

A DWI charge is always scary, but for a free consultation with one of Austin Texas’ top rated DWI lawyers, call Cofer and Connelly PLLC at (512) 991-0576.