Top Apps to Help Run a Business from Your Mobile Device

Our mobile devices give us the ability to do everything
while on the go, including running a business. There are a lot of apps and most
of the major programs, services and SaaS solutions all have apps as well.

If you are an entrepreneur that has a business, either
online or a brick and mortar location, you can run it form any corner of the
world as long as you are plugged in, using the right apps. Yes, you can use a
laptop to do the same, but a mobile phone allows you to really be mobile and do
everything without slowing down.

The first thing you will want to do is familiarize yourself with the different types of marketing – this allows you to get the business if the first place. Just looking up tips and tricks of the trade can get you a step ahead. A great place to start would be to learn cpa marketing tips here. Here are some of the most-used apps that help run and monitor your business on your phone.


If your business does invoicing, you more than likely use
Freshbooks. It’s the top invoicing platform and allows you to track expenses,
import expenses and export accounting reports, along with track client payments
and even integrate with popular payment gateways.

The mobile app is easy to use and gives you all of the same features. Have to invoice a client right away but aren’t in the office? Not a problem. According to Perth Web Design CEO Oliver James, “You can access your entire database of clients and shoot them an invoice for an existing service or you have the option of creating a new line item.”

You can also login to track outstanding invoices, making
sure your team is handling business while you are away.


Email is a part of every business, and Mailchimp is one of
the most popular email clients, for both free and paid users. If your team
handles your email marketing you can use the app to track open rates and
click-through rates at any time. You can also see the email copy they are
sending out.

If you need to send out an email to your list you can do it
right from the app. This app gives you the ability to send out offers at any
time. It pulls all of your info from your account, so if you have custom
templates imported you can access those via the app as well. Email marketing is
one of the easiest ways to make
money blogging
, as you are able to send out direct offers or affiliate
offers at any time to a highly targeted audience.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is something almost every website has
installed, and it’s a metric that everyone needs to track. This is very
important if you are running paid traffic or have a special promotion running.

You are able to view all data via the app, and it gives you
access to all layers that you have on the full desktop version. “Aside from
Analytics, all of Google’s major tools also have their own app. I suggest you
use all of them to their full capability. The more data you have access to the
better,” suggests Tad Thomas, Managing Partner at Thomas Law Offices, a firm
that specializes in car accidents.


The Shopify app is a must use for anyone running an
e-commerce store on the Shopify platform. Most e-commerce stores are using
Shopify and their app gives you the ability to do any store function on your
phone that you could do on the computer.

The mobility of this is great for entrepreneurs that are
running multiple stores and have other business ventures that pull them away
from the computer. A lot of people are running stores using a drop shipping
model, so without inventory and order fulfillment you aren’t stuck in an

“The app allows you to run your store and manage orders from
anywhere just using your phone. It’s a very convenient feature, explains Pedro
Del Nero of Vaporizer
, an e-commerce brand that runs on the Shopify platform.

Alternatively, if you are like this company, and run your e-commerce store
on the WooCommerce platform built for WordPress, then you are not out of luck.
WooCommerce has a similar app that allows you to run and manage your entire e-commerce
store from their app.


A business will not survive unless it’s generating revenue
and what is the top payment processor? It’s Stripe, and their app allows you to
customize it to deliver notifications to your mobile device for whatever you want.

If you want to know every time a sale is made, then you can
do that. “If you don’t want to be bothered by notifications you can just use it
to access sales numbers and volume. You can also monitor your payouts and
confirm that deposits have been made. The app makes it convenient to check on
all things that are revenue related,” offers Therapy Blanket founder Andrew Tran.


LinkedIn is not just for job seekers. More and more business
owners are using it as a form of lead generation and prospecting these days. If
you want to get
noticed on LinkedIn
then you need to make sure you are active on the

The app is simple to use, and it allows you to read content
and engage with it and not have to be stuck behind your desktop. There are a
lot of opportunities on the platform, so the app is a good idea, giving you
access to your LinkedIn messages on the go, while mobile.


If you handle all of your own inbound calls, then Ring
Central is a great VOIP service. They also have one of the most advanced apps
to help you run a phone system of all sizes right from your mobile device.

It doesn’t matter if you have a couple lines or a 100-person
in-house call center. This app will help you easily manage it. More companies
are taking their phone centers in-house rather than outsourcing, so this is a
solid option for those interested in that avenue. You can read
here about the disadvantages of using an outsourced call center.


If you use Gmail as your email client (and most do) and you
use an iPhone that ditch the default email app that comes installed and
download Google’s Gmail specific app. This is the best solution for those using
Gmail (or G-Suite for a business account) as it syncs with their Google

“Little things like pulling your signature over to syncing your contacts and all of your sent and deleted mail make this the best option for mobile email management. Apple likes everyone to use the app they provide, but if you use Gmail then it makes the experience poor,” says Heinrich Wunder of Maedchen. The Gmail app is free to download and it will make managing your email more pleasant for those that are Gmail based.

Social Media

Using social media to leverage incoming clients is a valid (and growing) way of finding and catering to your customers. Using services like can help you increase your platforms fast and get a head start in this growing marketing system. Check out where you can Buy Snapchat Score to incrase your Snapchat Score fast.