The Bucket List: How to Decide What to Do and Where to Go Before It’s Too Late

There’s no time like the present to start living. Everyone has uttered the phrase “One day I want to do xyz activity” or “I can’t wait to see xyz location.” Instead of fantasizing and counting down the days until marking off life’s to-do list, jump head-first and just do it. Here is bucket list of inspiration of how to decide what to do and where to go before it’s too late. 

Visit all 7 continents 

The world is a big place with an endless amount of countries, cultures, and sites to see. Backpack through Europe and climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, take a romantic gondola ride in Venice, see the tulips in bloom in Holland, marvel at the Sistine Chapel, or run with the bulls in Pamplona. 

Go on an African safari or see the Great Pyramids in Egypt. Hunt big game in Iceland with your AR-10 rifle and accessories. Walk the Great Wall of China or attend an infamous full moon party in Thailand. Scuba dive Australia’s Great Barrier Reef or take a North American road trip and marvel at the Grand Canyon. Experience a Carnival parade in Brazil, visit Machu Picchu, or walk with penguins in Antarctica. 

Learn a new skill 

What’s life without learning new things? Find a new skill to learn; knowledge is power, and no skill is useless. Learn a new language and use it while traveling. Learn a winter sport like skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating. One never knows when knowing how to make creme brulee or hand-roll sushi will come in handy, but practicing will taste great. 

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Do something thrilling  

Feel truly alive and do something thrilling. Strap on a parachute and go skydiving, or bungee jump off a bridge. Get a bird’s-eye view of the land with a hot air balloon ride at sunset. Soar through the air ziplining, or find tranquility above open water while parasailing. Practice balance and walk along a suspension bridge, try a swinging trapeze, or climb a volcano and stare inside. 

Be selfless 

Leave a mark on someone’s day by doing acts of kindness. Donate blood, volunteer to help build a house, host a foreign exchange student, or pay for the coffee of the next person in line. There is no end to the amount of selfless acts that can be done to brighten someone’s day. 

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Live without fear

Fulfilling a bucket list is a good reason to break bad and do something bold. Walk up to a random stranger and give them a kiss. Go skinny dipping, photobomb someone’s perfect selfie, legally buy and consume marijuana, or paint/graffiti a public wall. Buy a fixer upper house and flip it, get on stage at a burlesque show, or participate in an improv comedy show.