Should You Compare Your Website to a Rival’s Website?

Regularly, I see individuals on Twitter or Facebook go over just how a ranking factor on their sites does not need to be fixed after an algorithm update since a competitor is doing equally as badly on that particular issue/ element– so it’s probably not going to impact them either. =

This is usually an extremely bad means to determine why your site was struck by a google formula/algo upgrade.

When your website is having problems ranking well because of algorithm updates or basic adjustments by Google, what various other websites do is unnecessary to worry about according to one SEO services company.

It would resemble something like if you were an Olympic professional athlete.

The Case of Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps was infamous for eating hamburgers as well as alcohol consumption, even smoking marijuana in between competitions in the run-up to the 2012 Olympic Trials.

For one of the greatest Olympic professional athletes of perpetuity, he also experienced a period where he seemed to shed focus on his swimming occupation as well as missed training so regularly that there was serious discussion about him not even making the London Olympics.

Nevertheless, he not only made it. He went on to win 4 gold and two silver medals.

Do you think his competitors all figured they could slack off on their training because Phelps did?

Of course not. They trained with as much difficulty as ever, since they understood that what Phelps did or didn’t do had no impact on whether they won.

They had to prepare. They had to train.

They had to eat right, sleep, not smoke, etc.

They needed to be in peak physical shape if they were going to win regardless of what Phelps did because they were required to be the most effective “them” they could be despite any individual else’s readiness.

So what’s the lesson for your website with that Michael Phelps story?

The only point that matters is exactly how is YOUR site doing AGAINST Google’s formulas.