No Fault Car Insurance updates in Florida

The reason no-fault car insurance is now standard in all but a few states is because of the efficiency it provides for motorists, courts, and insurance companies. Before it became widespread back in the 1970’s, car accident litigation took up a major portion of courtroom time in every major city in America; not to mention how much time traffic officers had to spend in court testifying for or against a defendant, as insurance companies challenged tens of thousands of car accident claims each year. The cost was becoming enormous, and so law enforcement authorities, judicial review boards, and insurance company executives met together and began lobbying state legislatures to pass no-fault car insurance laws.

At its most basic, according to injury lawyer Boca Raton, no-fault insurance simply means that if you are involved in a vehicle accident your insurance company will be mandated to pay for costs and damages under binding legislation. So there is no need to go to court to prove anything. It’s all cut and dried. This does not sit well with both drivers sometimes, because they know they are clearly not at fault — but in the long run no-fault insurance saves the average motorist a lot of time, anguish, and expense.

So if your state is one of the many that insists on no-fault car insurance, count yourself lucky. It’s still the most efficient way to take care of insurance claims.