Mobile Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2020

Mobile phones, from Apple’s iPhone to Google’s latest and greatest, are all hitting the market with new models in 2020, just like they do every other year.

But, what does this mean for the consumer? For the past couple of years the new models have introduced some new features. For example, the iPhone 11 came out with new camera features that were far superior to the previous models.

Many people thought it was just a gimmick to push the new model, but in truth the camera capabilities are drastically different in terms of performance. Those that got their hands on the first release of the iPhone 11 quickly started posting side by side shots of old photos taken from previous models and the new iPhone 11 shots.

The difference was noticeable. Mobile phones and the trends within the industry are always changing. So, with 2020 in full gear, what should we expect this year in the mobile phone world? Let’s hit a few trends we see already.

More Smaller Size Options Being Introduced

Remember when big was better was the trend? All phone companies were making screen sizes larger and it became who could make the largest mobile screen size.

Well, times are changing once again and people are beginning to favor smaller screens more and the rumor is that the next iPhone releases are going to come in much smaller sizes (as well as larger) to make sure all wants and needs are met.

Before, the manufacturers just made them all large assuming that is what everyone wanted. Now every consumer will have their choice.

Simplicity When it Comes to User Experience

Apple has dominated for a long time because their phone designs and operating system was very simplistic and it provides a very pleasant and easy to understand experience.

Whether you are trying to look up the score to a game or book a coolsculpting consultation, user experience is everything. Now, with more people having mobile phones, from kids all the way to seniors, the manufactures are all moving toward that very simple user experience.

Phones are now designed to be sleek and appealing for the Millennial generation, yet simple enough to use that a six year old or an eighty year old can use them easily.

More Branded Marketing with Amazon and Facebook

Tow of the biggest tech companies in the world, Facebook and Amazon, both have remaind out of the mobile game so to speak. While they could easily make a push, either by acquiring or launching their own network, I think we will see them remain uninvolved, but do more partnerships when it comes to marketing.

As the owner of National Pool Fences says, “There is no denying that Facebook and Amazon have huge user bases that all use mobile phones. I think we will see them partner more with the carriers and phone manufactures participating in cross-promotions.”

It makes sense. It’s a win-win from a marketing standpoint. The phone companies want their users to buy their devices and Amazon and Facebook want the users to browse their site and platform from those devices.

Voice-Forward Approach with Features

We are also going to see the phone manufactures put more emphasis on explaining how to use voice command features, like voice notes, or using voice to do things like pull up directions or pull up search results from Google.

Chris Moberg of Slumber Search has noticed how voice search is quickly increasing in popularity. “From a web point of view, we have to make sure we are optimized correctly to show up for voice searches. I think voice search will become more popular once more consumers know how to utilize it correctly.”

Look for more consumer education when it comes to voice technology in 2020.