How the New iPhone is Expected to Change in 2020

Apple’s iPhone has stood the test of time, with it being one of the most widely used mobile devices. Want to see just how popular the iPhone is? Look at the lines at an Apple store every time a new model phone is released.

They are massive and they often start days before the actual launch day, with consumers wanting to be the first to get their hands on the newest model with the latest and greatest features.

It is highly rumored that Apple is coming out with multiple new models and offerings in 2020, even after the release of the highly anticipated and successful iPhone 11.

While we never really know what Apple has up its sleeve until the actual launch event announcing what is coming, there are many insiders and experts that follow closely and are able to predict most of the news when it comes to what we have in store for us.

Here are a few things to expect when Apple announces the iPhone releases coming down the pipeline in 2020.

More Lower Priced Options

While the new iPhone 11 models received a lot of praise for their new camera features, a lot of people were not thrilled with the price point. They are very expensive.

Consumers have spoken and they want more of the more affordable options. Not everyone needs the best cameras on their mobile devices and don’t want to spend $1,200 on a phone, but they do want the option to buy a new model.

Look for Apple to include their needs in the newest releases, and have several lower priced options to regain that market share it is losing to less costly models that Samsung and Google have brought to market.

Multiple Screen Size Options

If you had the original iPhone and the generations to follow, you will remember how small the screen size once was. Then, the trend was to make them as big as possible to the point where phones would not fit in our pockets and longer.

Well, consumers are finally saying enough is enough and we really don’t demand the huge screens as much. We have tablet devices like the iPad for that need.

As Anthony Amores of outsource development company Staff Outsourcing says, “A lot of manufactures are making smaller screens again and Apple is going to have to bring that option back — consumer are demanding it.”

Now that websites have mobile optimization down, it’s possible to still receive a great user experience even on the smaller screen sizes. You could click here on any screen size and be able to interact with that website, simply because it’s optimized correctly.

Just like with all industries, old trends seem to come back and resurface, and right now the desire for a smaller screen option is one that many will embrace and take advantage of.

Finally Models for All Budgets and Style Preferences

Our mobile phones are such an important part of our lives. We use them for everything and we stay connected to them at all times. Even while driving, for example, our phones are synced with our car’s sound system.

As mentioned before, the price of the iPhone 11 was sticker shock for some. Shelling out $1,200 for a new phone just isn’t practical for everyone, so look for several new base model options available, geared more towards those that are budget concerned or those looking to buy a phone for a child.

No child needs a $1,200 phone, and Apple knows they need some more basic options in order to truly achieve market domination and be able to provide a phone option for everyone.