Highly Helpful Apps For Students

Nowadays, there is an app for literally everything so it should come as no surprise to see many that were designed to help students. There are different types that are truly helpful. It is exactly what we are going to talk about below while also highlighting the fact that other types are available so you should conduct your very own research. If you need some help with something as a student, there is a huge possibility something suitable already exists.

Lecture Capture Apps

Not many years ago a student had to spend a lot of time scribbling while attending lectures so that all important information would be captured. This is no longer the case as now a student can use a lecture capture app. They are going to record the lectures and you can then listen to them whenever you want to. According to the Tech Surprise blog, SoundNote is great for the iPad users and Office Lens helps to photograph the whiteboard if you need notes to be done even faster.

Revision Apps

Revisions are never actually fun but with the use of some apps this may actually change. Study Blue is an app that helps you to quickly use course information in order to create card sets that you use for a revision. GoConqr helps create mind maps, notes, quizzes, flash cards and revision charts. Students can basically choose out of various revision apps that help based on personal learning style so it is impossible not to find something that helps.

Student Planner Apps

Organization is highly important for every single student so a planner app makes a lot of sense. There are many that are gaining popularity since they help create plans, save them and set up alerts or reminders. The most popular student planner apps are Timetable for Android because of the interface it has and Class Timetable for iOS because of the really popular spreadsheet-style chosen for the layout.

Video Call Apps

Video calling software like FaceTime and Skype is well-known by students. The technology behind them is becoming more and more attractive as smartphone manufacturers constantly improve cameras and the internet connections are becoming faster and faster. These applications are very useful to save time as you can always do something else at the same time you talk with friends or family members. There are even companies that agree to Skype interviews for students that are busy with school work.

Wake-Up Apps

So many students have a problem with the snooze button as they instantly press it and end up losing a lot of time because of it, usually being late for a lecture or even an exam. A highly recommended app is Alarmy: Sleep If You Can. Small tasks have to be completed in order for the alarm to be turned off. For instance, the student needs to take a specific photograph or shake the smartphone a number of times. Besides that, you also receive weather information so you know how to get dressed for the rest of the day.