Great Android Apps The Modern Businessman Uses

Running any business these days is complicated and various tasks have to be handled on a daily basis. Thankfully, technology evolved to the point where this is getting easier. There are various really good apps that are available for the modern businessman and that work on Android devices. All those mentioned below allow you to deal with many tasks from setting up perfect content marketing campaigns to knowing exactly what the state of the business is.

Microsoft Office

You can use Microsoft Word and all the other apps in the Office suite on tablets and phones, even if they do run on Android. Through the official app you can even edit the Word docs directly through the email and then transform it into a PDF file. The Office 365 user will be allowed to easily connect accounts so cloud storage and collaboration happen in real time.

Google Drive

You can easily use Google Drive on literally any Android mobile device in order to store documents and files online. The system is automatically backed up and can be accessed fast. At the same time, whenever Google Drive documents are edited, the edited version is backed up. You can make the system even better by adding the Google Suite to the Drive, including Slides, Sheets, Photos and Docs.

Square Register

Every single business should be able to accept a credit card payment but in many cases special equipment is necessary. The Square Register application allows you to quickly get a dongle credit card reader in your mail. Then, the dongle is added to the headphone jack of the smartphone and you can accept credit card payments in seconds. Manually adding credit card information is simple and although Square does take a percentage of the payment, it still offers a hugely important and fast service.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

If you are a small business owner, this app is a really secure and reliable way to become connected to the work PC in a remote way from an Android device. All Windows applications can be utilized while you are in a totally different location. As an example, the full PC versions of Excel can be used from your tablet.


In so many situations we see that people are losing their concentration and productivity goes down simply as messages from employees or clients are checked from a smartphone. AirDroid helps you to solve that problem. You install a desktop client and the app and then you manage to quickly set up exactly how your business is handled.


There are not many individuals in the world that do not know what Skype is. Business men take full advantage of the free app with an Android version whenever they require a video conferencing app that is stable and that can be used to remotely meet with clients or employees. Skype makes it incredibly simple to make a video call with the use of the phone’s front facing camera, all while gaining access to a flexible platform capable of connecting with close to any device.