Games That Changed The Gaming Industry

There have been thousands of games that were released in the past 50 years. Obviously, most of them were really bad, with many being pretty good. However, some basically changed the entire gaming industry. These are video games that nobody would imagine not having been developed right now.

Space Invaders – Launched In 1978

The game can only be described as being iconic. It had perfect soundtrack, sound effects and gameplay. What was very interesting was that the game appeared at a time when not much was possible so it was quite an accomplishment to see that every single pixel was perfectly utilized. Space Invaders basically created the gamer generation as we see it now. It made the individual that was interested in many other things become interested in gaming as opposed to a niche hobby.

Super Mario Bros. – Launched In 1985

Over 30 year passed since Super Mario Bros. was launched, as seen in this infographic. It was so incredibly simple and addictive that people up to this day still play it on various different platforms. While Mario was the original game, the sequel turned out to be much better. It cemented all the characters, made the level design better and the gameplay mechanics are nowadays still utilized in basically all the side-scrolling games.

Super Mario Bros. became a really great-selling game and nowadays it is very important because Mario was introduced to the other people and became a clear template for this specific game genre.

Doom – Launched In 1993

Contrary to popular belief, Doom was not the very first game launched in the first-person shooter, although so many believe that this is case because of how great it turned out. Doom was incredibly influential and led to the launch of the entire FPS revolution. It included much more than was present in games at the time, ranging from jokes to really powerful weapons. Just think about the fact that if Doom was not launched, there is a pretty good possibility that Call Of Duty would not have appeared.

Spacewar! – Launched in 1962

Spacewar! has a really important part in video game history. It is basically the very first of the video games offered in a medium that is similar to what we know today as video gaming. Spacewar! was highly original and not created based on any physical game that already existed. The current industry standard is based on Spacewar and everything that happened after it. While the game is definitely one that is not great, it is what can be seen as the very first really true video game.

Tetris – Launched in 1984

When it initially appeared, Tetris was a game that automatically stood out, mainly because of the fact it was perfect for absolutely everyone, no matter how good the person was at playing video games. The initial levels are very simple but there are also some that are very difficult. Even now, after so many years, Tetris is still available online and offline, with players from all around the world enjoying it.