Boost Your MLM Business Marketing with These 4 Essential Apps

If you are wondering how to boost your business MLM marketing, don’t worry—there’s an app for that! With all the mobile technology available, and the number of people using social media and other apps daily, it’s a great time to be an MLM business owner. You can improve every aspect of your business from selling product to recruiting with a variety of mobile apps in your arsenal. Let’s take a look at the best MLM marketing mobile apps.


This one should be a given. You already know that a lot, if not most, MLM marketing is done on social media. But how are you using Facebook to promote your business? It’s not enough to spam all your friends with product and recruitment posts on your page every day. In fact, that kind of oversharing will lose you digital friends and can alienate you from your loved ones.

Instead, use tools such as Facebook groups—create a group that’s just for your business; post tutorials, sales, and details about your business successes. Most MLMs have corporate Facebook pages, so you can look for inspiration in what to share in your own group. You also might try creating Facebook live videos, investing in some targeted advertising, or joining other groups that allow business promotion to share your MLM.


Instagram is another social media tool that is a necessity when it comes to MLM marketing mobile apps. Create an Instagram page for your MLM business that’s separate from your personal one (but occasionally use your personal account to invite people to your business account). For ideas, look at content on your MLM’s Instagram page. For example, wellness company Xyngular shares inspirational quotes along with product photos. Use the Instagram stories feature to talk directly to your followers, answer their questions, and do unboxing videos.


Nothing screams legitimate business quite like a LinkedIn profile. Most MLM companies have a corporate page. Xyngular’s page features blog posts and trainings for distributors—yours could do the same. Simply include a link to your business LinkedIn page and be sure to list your job title as an MLM distributor on your personal profile. This adds another level of professionalism and will help you market your MLM business.


This is one of the most widely used MLM apps. Periscope is a great tool for communicating with potential customers and recruits. Use it to make daily live videos to discuss your personal life, how the products you sell help you, and share details about your business opportunity. It’s a great way to interact live with people and build a community and following.

Thanks to a variety of mobile apps, MLM marketing can be simple and straightforward. If you aren’t already using these great tools, download them today!