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Editorial Staff

Jennifer Lambert

Managing Editor

Jennifer is currently studying Business Management at the University of Utah. She began her smartphone career with the HTC Touch, and developed for it for nearly two years. She has been jumping from phone to phone since, but now totes around both the iPhone 5 and Nexus 4 because she just can’t pick one over the other.

Chance Miller

Assistant Managing Editor

Chance enjoys everything about technology and has developed a strong passion for writing about it. While he originally was a major Android fanboy, he opened up to the iOS side with the iPhone 4S and iPad. He currently uses an iPhone 5, Nexus 4, and iPad mini.

Calob Horton

Editorial Director

Calob was the Managing Editor of for two years. He is fascinated by technology of all kinds. He is currently using the third-gen iPad and Galaxy Nexus, but does have backups on hand. Besides writing, his hobbies are multimedia editing, cars, and AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Writing Staff

Lynn is not necessarily an Apple “Fanboy” but he does believe that the World starts and ends at 1 Infinite Loop. He is also currently enjoying 5 to 1 Cribbage advantage over his teenage sons.

Cory McNutt

Cory graduated from George Mason University with BS in Business, and then went on to earn a Masters in English Literature. He worked for the FBI, but switched to the private sector for a few years. He opened his own restaurant for 11 years before deciding to move back to his hometown of Pittsburgh. His passions in life include computers, gadgets, smartphones, digital photography, history, writing, and his wife, Linda. He is currently rocking the Galaxy Note 2.

Jerome Skalnik

Jerome has a timeless interest for mobile technology pre-dating the existence of smartphones. His first piece was a Compaq PC Companion C120. Since then, there hasn’t been a time when Jerome didn’t have at least one device on him. He has lost count of all the times that new gagets have “followed” him back home. He is currently using the Nexus 4 & Nexus 7, though that could change at any given time. Jerome is based in Canada and he certainly doesn’t mind the winters. But, he does wish they were shorter.

Noeneel Sharma

Noeneel lives in Australia and has been working in IT for some time. He has an IT degree, MBA, and a Masters in Business Process Management and has used his skills in a range of industries, including telecommunications, legal, accounting, banking, and more recently electricity. His hobbies include all things gadgetry, photography and shrimp keeping. He has no bias towards any one platform with his device collection including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and RT.

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