5 Tech Improvements to Make To Your Business This Year

With technology continuously changing every aspect of our lives, it’s no surprise that the business sector has its fair share of tech tools; from digital calendars and project management software to cloud storage and beyond. These five tech improvements you can make this year will help you streamline operations and unite employees for a more efficient business overall. Keep reading to learn what you need to make it happen. 

1. Better Meeting Software 

How do you currently host meetings and conference calls? Using a meeting room? Landline? These methods are outdated, and, let’s be honest; no one wants to sit in a meeting room for two hours listening to sales projections. What you need is video meeting and digital conference software. Not only do these incredible tools help bridge geographical distance, but they also make meetings simple, streamlined, and accessible worldwide. 

A video meeting can be a great replacement for an in-person meeting; especially if you have remote team members or clients. Sometimes, an in-person meeting simply isn’t possible, but you still want to be able to connect with people by reading their body language and seeing their faces. Online meeting software allows anyone to join the meeting from anywhere in the call, free of charge (except for the entity paying for the service). This can be incredibly advantageous for startups who don’t quite have an effective way to digitally meet with clients or employees. 

With most online meeting and conference call software, you’ll be able to share your screen, share and download files, and much more. Some services even provide cloud storage with your monthly package! 

2. Cloud Storage 

Speaking of cloud storage, just what is that software you’ve been hearing so much about? If you’re asking this question in 2019, you’re already falling behind; but never fear, we’re about to set the record straight so you can upgrade your business to the present day. 

Cloud software can help take the place of traditional hard drives and servers. With cloud storage, you don’t need anything except an internet connection to access your saved files. Everything is saved to an online database, making your files accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. 

This is especially useful to businesses that work with remote clients or team members. Sharing files is a breeze, and everything is updated in the cloud if and when it is changed. Services like Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive are some of the most popular options and provide storage in the hundreds of terabytes for affordable monthly rates. 

3. Team/Project Management Software 

Did you know there is software out there that can help you manage your entire team and all of your projects? Team and project management software is more abundant than ever on the web, and provides a variety of options for businesses of all sizes and needs. If you just need a simple calendar, Google Calendar’s got you covered. If you have marketing campaigns running across multiple platforms, campaign management software is a must for you. If you need something to track, assign, and manage projects, you’ll need something like Basecamp or Trello

This kind of software makes meeting deadlines even easier and helps you keep track of everyone in a single app. No more pesky chain emails or conference calls will plague your productivity. With software like Basecamp, all of the information you need exists within the software’s interface! 

4. A POS System 

If you’re running an eCommerce or retail store, you need a POS system this year. There’s simply no alternative to these innovative and versatile tools that can match their capabilities. From secure payments to inventory management and tracking, POS systems offer a truly extensive lineup of tools to help manage your business and sales better. 

Don’t leave your business to the mercy of outdated payment processing options. There are dozens of POS systems available for affordable prices, and companies like Square POS only charge a small percentage per transaction rather than a monthly premium. 

5. Mobile-Friendly Site

Let’s take a moment to talk about websites. Your company’s website is essentially the landing point for new customers, and should, therefore, be as aesthetically pleasing and functional as possible. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, there’s a good chance potential customers are simply navigating away. Since the majority of US adults access the internet on a mobile device, you’re missing out on quite a few potential sales leads. 

Ensuring your site is mobile-friendly allows for two things: the ability to appeal to and connect with a larger audience and show your customers that you’re caught up with the times. An outdated website that isn’t mobile-friendly isn’t going to do anything but your business except slow it down. Invest in proper web development and design to maximize your potential leads. Remember, your site is a representation of your brand!