4 Mobile Marketing Tactics that Increase Business Visibility

Modern digital marketing really refers to two distinct arenas: mobile marketing, and desktop marketing. True, individuals spend a lot of time using both mobile devices and more “traditional” laptops or personal computers. Yet, the reality is that many digital marketing techniques are geared toward desktop usage, even though more people browse the internet on mobile devices than desktops. With that in mind, today we’re going to examine four mobile marketing tactics that will work to increase a company’s visibility: 

Optimize Site for Mobile Devices

There are several ways to quickly, but effectively, make your business’s website much more user-friendly. Make sure to test your site on mobile devices and to select a web design theme that translates well to a mobile screen. Remember, just because a layout or template looks good on a desktop, doesn’t mean it will function as a mobile site. Lastly, improving your site’s loading times and page speeds will also boost mobile performance as well. 

Create an App

Apps are tremendous tools that businesses can use to connect with customers. Not only do apps allow companies to retarget customers, but apps can also act as a major sales-booster for ecommerce companies. If you’re looking to bolster your company profile and provide your customers with a more personalized mobile experience, developing an app might be the best way to accomplish both.

Mobile-Specific Ads

Innovative marketers have the ability to create several distinct types of mobile-specific ads. A few of the more popular options in this regard are: 

  • In-game advertising –– when advertisements appear during the course of a mobile game. 
  • Mobile-search ads –– which function like desktop ads, but contain extra extensions or click-to-call capabilities. 
  • Image Ads –– advertisements that exist solely as images on mobile devices. 
  • SMS –– advertising through text messages. This may turn some businesses off, but others find it an effective strategy. 

Factor in Location

The great thing about mobile devices is that you can take them anywhere. So when a consumer searches for “food near me,” where they’re located in that moment will determine the search results they receive from Google. Given that fact, companies need to ensure they’ve done everything in their power to target consumers in their immediate vicinity and to create profiles and applications with accurate location information. 

Final Thoughts

User experience on a desktop varies greatly from user experience on a mobile device. Though creating a mobile-specific marketing strategy may seem like a daunting task, it’s an essential one all the same. Whether you’re trying to promote a new type of heparin tube or get the word out on your restaurant’s second location, mobile marketing can help you achieve your goals. In the end advertising is promotion, so give something back to your loyal users. There are also a top range of Promotional Products to choose from online.