3 Great Apps for the Budding Chef

Food. One the few things in life that we usually want and need to live. It’s fun to cook, makes hanging out with friends a blast, and can be just the ice-breaker you need on a first date. It seems that everyone is joining the cooking craze.

We even have world-wide known competitions for cooks that are as young as 6 years old. With that said, more and more people are trying their hand at cooking and as technology advances, so do the resources with which to learn with. So, grab your best pots and pans and test out these exemplary apps for the budding chef.  


Are you on a diet? Do you have a food allergy? But would still love to brush up on your cooking skills? This is the app for you. Yummly has hundreds of recipes, first off. However, this app has a few traits to show off. First, if you are on a diet, but still want to enjoy a juicy steak, Yummly will find recipes for the healthiest way to satiate your craving.

Yummly can also adjust for severe food allergies. Do you have issues with ginger? You will never have to worry about finding ginger in your pumpkin pie again. Does your body go a little nutty at the sight of peanuts? Learn how to create gourmet dinners without the offending allergy.

Not only will it help you cook to meet your nutritional needs, it learns as you go and will eventually offer recipes that you can cook without having to look up certain details. Yummly also allows you to make in-app grocery lists.

All Recipes Dinner Spinner

Looking for a certain recipe? If you don’t find it here, you must be inventing your own. All Recipes gives you access to over 30 million recipes. These are added by people all over the world. You are able to rate each one and see what others think of any given recipe, as well.

This app comes in handy when you want to cook but just can’t seem to think of something to cook. As soon as you enter the grocery store, it will offer new recipes. It also tailors your choices to your dietary needs and allergies.

Along with all this, All Recipes Dinner Spinner is a money saver. By showing you the prices of all the ingredients involved in whatever you are making that particular day, you can choose the cheaper of what is offered. Like Yummly, this app assists you with making your weekly grocery list.  


SideChef was made for the amateur. Never cooked before, but think you could be the next Martha Stewart? This is the app for you. Sidechef makes cooking look like child’s play taking you through recipes step by step.

It offers pictures, videos, voice tips, and timers to make sure that any attempt that you make at that romantic dinner for two makes Rico Suave look like a chump. Need some inspiration? Sidechef’s 2,500 recipes and tips from the professionals and top bloggers will show you the way to being the top chef in your family.   

Cooking is a skill we will always need. Use these apps to train yourself or the budding little chefs in your family to create a masterpiece on a plate.