1300 Number Call Charges

The most important interaction in any business is the relationship it has with its customers. Businesses big and small, offline and online, have begun to leverage the advanced tech in the market to improve these interactions. Companies have begun to employ an array of options including chatbots and email options. These services are simple and effective, but they sometimes lack that human touch many consumers want from a business. That’s where 1300 numbers come in.

1300 numbers are ideal for businesses that want to strengthen their relationship with customers. If you have a 1300 number, your customers can contact your staff directly and ask any questions they have about your business. Not only that, but 1300 numbers come with a variety of features like call rerouting, call queuing and interactive voice response that can make it easier for you to manage calls from potential customers. If you want to purchase a 1300 number for your business, you should know what this number costs and what the 1300 number call charges are.

1300 Number Plans

There are a variety of 1300 number monthly plans, the cost of which vary depending on the features you select. You’ll be charged a small service fee every month in addition to the individual inbound call rates for each call received by you on your 1300 number.

Additional features such as business introduction, complex routine schemes and voice prompt menu may come at an additional cost. Instead of trying to get a low monthly fee, you should pay more attention to the add-ons you need and the type of calls you are more likely to receive. This will allow you to choose a provider that can provide advanced functionality and features at a reasonable rate.

Customer Call Costs

Customers are charged for calling a 1300 number. If they call from a landline, they will most likely be charged at the standard local call rate. On the other hand, if they call from their cell phone, the rates may vary depending on the mobile service provider. The good thing about these costs is that it separates the wheat from the chaff, meaning that only people interested in your business will call you.

Business Call Costs

You’ll be charged a small amount for receiving a call on your 1300 number. If you receive a call on a landline number, call costs will be lessened, whereas calls answered on a mobile will usually attract a slightly higher rate.

You may think that a 1300 number is an additional expense to your business. But that’s not the case. A 1300 number is a necessity for you if you want to deliver exceptional customer service, acquire new customers and retain your existing customers. Visit this website for more information about 1300 number.